65 Reasons Why You Should Always Have A Bottle Of Hydrogen Peroxide At Home (Complete List )

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Hydrogen peroxide is the safest natural sanitizer because it is made up of water and oxygen.

It is a colorless liquid and it is a little bit more viscous than water. It is usually used as disinfectant, oxidizer, and bleaching agent. However, this versatile liquid can be used for lots of things. In this article you will find 65 ways you can use hydrogen peroxide, so make sure you read them all and get a bottle as soon as possible.

Note: When heated to its boiling point pure hydrogen peroxide can explode. This is why household products usually contain a diluted solution, with 3-5% of the active chemical.

  1. Eliminating viruses
  • Experts claim that putting 3drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in your ear helps in getting over a cold or flu faster. Let the solution for about 10minutes before you let it drain.
  1. Getting rid of pesticides
  • Fresh vegetables are treated with pesticides and chemical that should not be ingested. Get rid of the chemicals by adding 1/4cup of hydrogen peroxide to a bowl with water and soak the vegetables for half an hour.
  1. Getting rid of airborne germs
  • Make a solution by combining a gallon of water with a pint of 3% hydrogen oxide and add this to a humidifier. Run in until the solution is completely used up.
  1. Teeth whitening
  • Hydrogen peroxide works by oxygenating the surface of the teeth. Brush your teeth with regular toothpaste and the swish a mixture of one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide and two teaspoons of water around the mouth. When you are done, rinse the mouth and repeat this 3 times a week.
  1. Bleaching toe nails and fingers
  • Dip the nails in a bowl with 3% hydrogen peroxide for about 5minutes and reverse the natural color. Use this procedure until you get the desired effect.
  1. Bleaching hair
  • Hydrogen peroxide can be safely and effectively used to bleach your hair naturally.
  1. Making hair highlights
  • Spray hydrogen peroxide on damp hair and let it stay for 15minutes before you rinse it off and enjoy your new sun-bleached hair highlights.
  1. Rejuvenation and detox
  • Soak in a bath with hydrogen peroxide to detox and rejuvenate your body naturally. Soak for about half an hour in a tub of water with an added cup of 35% hydrogen peroxide.
  1. Eliminating stuffy sinuses
  • For unclogging sinuses, use a solution of one cup water mixed with one cup of hydrogen peroxide
  1. Stopping toothache
  • Mixing hydrogen peroxide with coconut oil in a solution can be very helpful in relieving toothache thanks to the antibacterial properties of these ingredients which kill bacteria causing the pain.
  1. Disinfecting wounds
  • Hydrogen peroxide is very effective for treating small wounds. Apply a small cup of 3% soliton on the wound.
  1. Antiseptic mouth rinse
  • Mix together two cups of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of water and use it as a mouthwash to get rid of bad breath.
  1. Eliminating acne
  • Make a solution of two tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Dip a cotton pad in the solution and put it gently on the affected area. In order to prevent the transfer of bacteria do not use the same cotton pad for the entire face.
  1. Getting rid of boils
  • Pour a cup of 35% hydrogen peroxide in a bathtub filled with water and soak for a while to clear the body of toxins and eliminate boils.
  1. Softening calluses and corns
  • Make a solution of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide and soak the calluses and corn.
  1. Getting wax out of your ear
  • Put two drops of hydrogen peroxide in both ears, and then pour a few drops of olive oil.
  1. Preventing the dreaded swimmer’s ear
  • To prevent this painful ear infection, apply a mixture made from apple cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, right after swimming.
  1. Relieving ear infections
  • Apply eight drops of hydrogen peroxide to the ear to eliminate the infection.
  1. Eliminating skin mites
  • Put 3% hydrogen peroxide on the affected area, repeat this several times.
  1. Getting rid of foot fungus
  • Mix together the same amounts of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water and apply this solution on the affected area.
  1. Making a marinade for poultry, fish or meat
  • Put the meat inside a casserole that is made by the same amount of hydrogen peroxide and water. Rinse the meat before cooking it.
  1. Disinfecting a toothbrush
  • To kill bacteria, just soak the toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide.
  1. Removing stains from clothes
  • Just put hydrogen peroxide on to the stain and let it soak for a while before you rinse it off.
  1. Controlling the growth of fungus in aquariums
  • If you own an aquarium, this is an excellent way to use hydrogen peroxide. However, follow the instructions that you can find elsewhere so that you don’t harm your fish in this process.
  1. Getting rid of algae
  • Add 60ml of hydrogen peroxide, for every 66gallons of water. Pour the solution by using a dropper.
  1. Making an emetic for household pets
  • The fact that hydrogen peroxide induces vomiting, it works very well when your pet has eaten something bad.
  1. Using it as a dishwasher detergent
  • Adding some hydrogen peroxide to your dishwasher detergent makes it last longer.
  1. Creating an all-purpose cleaner
  • Simply fill your spray bottle with diluted hydrogen peroxide and use that instead of all those expensive conventional cleaners
  1. Cleaning contact lenses
  • Put the contact in a diluted mixture of hydrogen peroxide overnight.
  1. Making laundry whiter
  • Add a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the wash and let your laundry soak for half an hour before the wash to remove yellow stains.
  1. Remove organic stains
  2. Eliminate undesirable smells
  3. Clean carpets and rugs
  4. Disinfect your lunchbox
  5. Keep your shopping bags fresh
  6. Improve the germination of seeds
  7. Thoroughly clean your humidifier
  8. Clean surfaces better
  9. Clean your toilet
  10. Make grout whiter
  11. Get rid of soap scum in the sink or bath tub
  12. Say goodbye to mold
  13. Clean glasses better
  14. Clean kitchen counter
  15. Removing stains from stone countertops
  16. Remove collar stains
  17. Remove wine stains
  18. Kill mites
  19. Improve the root system of your plants
  20. Cleaning mirrors
  21. Make armpit sweat stains disappear
  22. Disinfect sponges and dishrags
  23. Disinfect cutting boards
  24. Wash fruits
  25. Clean your refrigerator
  26. Remove stubborn foods
  27. Clean toys
  28. Brighten curtains and table cloth
  29. Prolonging the freshness of your veggies
  30. Enjoy a fresher salad
  31. Add in your enema water
  32. Getting rid of canker sores
  33. Gaining control of a yeast infection
  34. Treat animal wounds
  35. De-mold plants

Source: holisticlivingtips.com

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