Why Afternoon Naps are a Sign of Health, Not Laziness

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Many people feel unable to function throughout the day if they don’t take at least one short nap. Is that a sign of laziness, it signalizes some health problem or it is because of changing your diet?

Like babies, a lot of adult people take a few naps throughout the day – and most of these people are the most active and they can be in an excellent physical shape. For that reason naps cannot be sorted as: only for babies or only for adults.

According to the National Sleep Foundation the nap should last 20-30 minutes throughout the day, which can be practiced in the early afternoon, as then the energy level of human beings drastically falls. Nap is, actually, restoring the energy. According to the foundation, there are three types of napping.

Read about the characteristics of those three types of naps below!

  1. Planned naps

You can take a nap daily, regardless of the fact that you don’t even feel tired.

  1. Emergency naps

When you feel extremely tired and can’t stay awake even if you want to, then is a time for that sudden (emergency) nap.

  1. Habitual naps

This type of nap is taken by the people every day at the same time even they don’t feel very tired.

Researchers found that every person has specific inner body clocks (aka circadian rhythms), which should be followed in order to achieve the balance in the body.

By taking the naps every day at the same time the people keep these clocks stable, on which way they will regulate their whole body on many different levels. This is a way how is achieved optimal body temperature, hormonal balance, and also boosted the immune system. Regulation of all those factors will also significantly contribute to a good night sleep and to influence overall health.

As mentioned above, the people’s energy level falls between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm, which is the perfect time for taking a nap.

Here are some tips on how to get the utmost of your daily naps:

1)         Before and after the nap drink lemon water and honey.

2)         You should take a nap somewhere quiet so you don’t wake up too early.

3)         Napping too long is not good, so set an alarm before you take a nap.

4)         Your bed should be as comfortable as possible.

5)         Sleep in a dark room.

6)         Since your body temperature drops when you are asleep, use some blanket.

7)         The nap shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes.

Something that is very well is if you manage to wake-up at the same time every morning and go for a walk. This routine will prove you even greater chances of achieving perfect balance in your body and mind.

For you who never take naps throughout the day, but if you are now challenged to do it, at the beginning, you can be a bit sleepy after the 30-minute nap. That shouldn’t discourage you, so follow your internal clock that needs around 30 days in order to be fully reset.

After the period of 30 days, you will be able to get the utmost of your daily naps and get the benefits from them.

Here are some even more scientifically proven facts about the naps!

–           A recent research, which was conducted by NASA and included military pilots and astronauts, found out that 40-minute daily nap improved attentiveness by 100% and performance by 34%.

–           Another research points out that deficiency of sleep makes the body prone to blockages, twisted judgment, impaired speech and poor functioning and performance.

–           Never feel as if you are wasting your time by taking a nap, because the lack of a nap can intensify all the previously mentioned symptoms

–           Since the nap greatly advances your levels of efficiency and effectiveness, it will, in fact, save your amount of time.

However, on one thing that researchers cannot agree totally is the optimal time for taking a nap.

There are many sorts of suggestions and theories, and the time recommended is from 10 to 30 minutes.

The truth is that everyone will decide about the time needed and about the style of naps that suits him/her the most.

Source: ewao.com


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