What Alcohol Consumption Does to Your Brain

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According to the experts, drugs and alcohol have a number of effects on the brain, including:

–           Direct injury, damage, and death of brain cells, such as neurotransmitter receptors

–           Disruption of nutrients that brain tissue needs

–           Modifications to brain chemical concentrations, such as hormones and neurotransmitters

–           Deprivation of oxygen to brain tissue

Even many of the people think that alcohol is not such dangerous, but alcohol does way more damage than marijuana ever could because it is practically impossible to an overdose of marijuana yet every week someone dies due to alcohol poisoning.

The BMJ conducted study in 2017 showed just how closely brain problems and drinking alcohol are linked – HERE

This study was conducted with 550 men and women and their brain structure and function were measuring for 30 years, in order to determine how alcohol use affects the mind over time.

The results showed that when the people drank more, the more atrophy occurred in the brain’s hippocampus that plays a role in storing memories.

The people who drank 17 standard drinks or more of alcohol per week were at the highest risk of serious brain damage. However, the study shows that even those who drank moderately saw an increased risk for cognitive changes.

Scientists also show that alcohol not only had a negative effect on your body, it can also harm the mental health of the people.

Many people drink in order to escape the cases of depression, but it can lead them into a downward spiral.

The experience of the people who quit drinking is that they are clear-headed, something that they didn’t feel before.

Some negative effects on hippocampus appear even when the drinking of the alcohol is in moderation and cause the problems such a memory problems, slurred speech, and even blackouts.

In conclusion, according to this study, there are many harmful long-term effects of drinking alcohol even in the moderation, so it should be reduced or completely avoid in order to protect your brain.

Many governments support measures at schools, which aims at:

–           Preventing harmful alcohol consumption

–           Preventing young people from drinking before they turn 18

–           Stopping people to not become physically or psychologically dependent on alcohol

–           Reducing harm caused by alcohol abuse (domestic violence, public antisocial behavior, and traffic accidents).

Source: The Waking Times


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