This Vegetable Will Fix Everything Wrong In Your Body!

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Beet (beetroot), is a root vegetable that originated from the Mediterranean region and domesticated in the Middle East in the 8th century B.C.

Until the 1800’s it was mainly used for medicinal purposes, but then French chefs realized its potential as a side dish. They are found very useful in helping with liver disease and lower blood pressure (in combination with some medicines).

Most beets are ruby red but also come in colors of golden (yellow), white, purple and striped.

They are absolutely natural and genuine and can provide a bunch of healthy properties.

For instance, their red color derives from anthocyanin, which gives it the ability to fight cancer.

As beets are packed with betaine, they offer a handful of powerful anti-inflammatory properties that encourage the cardiovascular health. Their healing properties are also linked with the possessing of the relevant vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C, copper, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and iodine.

Beets provide many health benefits as well including:

–           Improvement of the blood circulation

–           Balance the cholesterol levels,

–           Slowing down the aging process

–           Body detoxification

–           Encourage digestion

–           Strengthening the blood vessels

–           Stimulate the liver performance

–           Offer strong antioxidant, pectin and cellulose content

–           Increase endurance, workout and stamina performance

You can consume beets any way you want, raw, cooked or baked.

The cooked beets give out large potassium content (644 mg. per ½ a cup), which decreases the risk of a stroke by 21%.


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