To Strengthen The Knees, Rebuild Cartilages and Ligaments the Best Drink

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While the people are getting older the certain organs and parts of their body are weakening. In those ages the body begins to work at a slower pace, followed by occurring the pain of some parts so it requires some stimulation and care.

This is the reason why many problems develop in every aspect of your body, both structurally and with your organs. One of the most obvious problems that occur can be a pain in the joints or muscle aches.

We offer you here a particular drink that possesses property to improve the condition of your joints, cartilages, and ligaments. The muscle and joint pain are not caused only by getting older, it can develop at any age due to different factors, such as physical effort (exercise or some physical activity).

However, the type of pain that occurs when the people are in an advantage age, is one of the most problematic and is appear in the knees.

Depending on the analgesics will only give you temporary relief and later the pain will return, which is quite boring and can significantly limit your movement.

To avoid drugs and get the real healing effects we offer you here a home remedy that is simple to prepare.


–           1 teaspoon of organic honey

–           1 cup of oatmeal

–           1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder

–           2 cups of chopped pineapple

–           1 cup of natural orange juice

–           8 ounces of water

–           8 ounces of crushed sweet almonds


1)         Cook the oatmeal for at least 10 minutes, then let it cool

2)         Add the other ingredients, process everything in the blender until it is homogeneous

3)         Drink it when is fresh


The dosage of this treatment is two glasses daily (in the morning and in the afternoon), preferably on an empty stomach.  The treatment lasts for fifteen days and your joints will stop bothering you.

However, that is not all, for the health of our joints it is important what you eat, so we will list you here some foods that will help in returning your joints in the best condition.


  1. Water

The synovial fluid that covers the joints reduces the friction between the cartilage and other tissues and easies movement. By hydrating the body there is a proper basis for synthesizing the synovial fluid and achieving adequate lubrication at the joint level. This is the reason why consumption of the adequate amount of water before, during and after exercise plays a crucial role.

So, drink at least 2L of water per day, to help your body stay hydrated and healthy.

  1. Onion and the like – Allium vegetables (garlic, onion, leeks, young garlic, etc.)

They are rich in sulfur, a mineral that plays important role in the formation of collagen and other elements, which create bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

According to several authors, the demand for sulfur by the body is increased in high-impact exercises. Because of the need of sulfur you can be focused on eating foods mentioned above or increasing all kinds of cabbages and asparagus.

  1. Bluefish – tuna, mackerel, sardines, salmon, etc.

Those types of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which has potent anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, Omega-3 fatty acids help to protect cell membranes from the harmful effects of oxidative processes, which are usually occurring during the performing of physical exercise.

To supply the body with the needs of this type of fat, you should consume this type of fish at least twice a week. You can also take some other sources of omega 3, such as nuts and seeds (flax seeds).

  1. Foods rich in vitamin C

This vitamin in combination with omega-3 prevents the processes that occur with inflammation in the body, contributing to the synthesis and maintaining of collagen and cartilage around the joints.

The intake of fruit and vegetables should be on a daily basis (of the 5 recommended daily rations). You are recommended to eat foods such as strawberry, kiwi, tomato, raw peppers, orange, broccoli, parsley, etc. Furthermore, by eating papaya and pineapple, which contain, also papain and bromelain, you will improve the anti-inflammatory power of your body.

  1. Meats and derivatives

There are two aspects of maintaining the joints that are treated by this type of food:

–           Maintaining its protein content, providing the necessary amino acids to synthesize the cartilage and preventing and reducing the recovery time of the lesions

–           They are rich in iron and zinc, minerals necessary for the repair of injuries

Consuming the balanced diet to reach protein requirements you can substitute meat for other foods rich in proteins and minerals such as fish, legumes, and nuts.

In order to have good bone health, you should be focused on eating foods rich in minerals (calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium), which participate in the formation of bones and strengthening your bones.

As a final point, there is very important to control your weight, because overweight and obesity favor the appearance of joint injuries during exercise.


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