This Simple Bag Trick Will Keep Your Lemons Fresh For A Whole Month

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Lemons belong to the citrus fruits and are one of the most used fruits around the globe. It has a yellow color and unique taste and offers plenty of health benefits. They are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that can boost nutrient absorption.

It can be used raw, in juices, or to be combined with water, which many people practice to drink as a first beverage in the morning.

Some people keep lemons in a bowl, either in the kitchen or in the living room, and are not aware that this will not keep them fresh.

In this article, we will present you an incredible method how to preserve your lemons and maintain their freshness.

There are some rules of keeping the vegetables at home. For example tomatoes, onions, and even potatoes shouldn’t be kept in the refrigerator.  On the other hand, lemons should be stored in the refrigerator immediately after bringing them home, because those that are kept at room temperature will expire after 5 days. Keeping them in this way is completely wrong as they will lose their taste and nutritional value.


Vitamin C that is contained in lemons is particularly sensitive to heat and light. For that reason, people should seek for the proper way how to extend their freshness if they plan to keep them a long time.

Here is an easy and simple method which will help you to extend the life of your lemons.

You should place them in a zip bag or sealed plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator. This method will slow down their respiratory process but is not stopping it completely. You shouldn’t stop the respiratory process of the lemon completely, because it will have opposite effect, causing the lemon to age much quicker. Be careful to not freeze them.

Keeping them in the refrigerator is ideal since this place is cool and away from the light. This method can be applied to other fruits and they will be fresh at least for 4 weeks.

Source: Healthy Food House

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