This Bath Heals Your Body Of Acidity, Skin Problems, Arthritic Joint Pain And Muscle Cramps

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Everybody benefits from a detox bath from time to time.  The usual ingredient is Epsom salt and this helps remove toxins from our organism, as well as being good for our complete health.

Today we will suggest an even better bath formula, consisting of Epsom salt and Himalayan salt!  This combination is effective and inexpensive, has no adverse side effects and helps with various health issues.

Epsom salt

This mineral compound looks like salt crystals and is found in water with high levels of sulfate and magnesium.  You should be aware when buying it that it can be of food grade, or agricultural, or for personal care.

Our skin is our largest organ for detoxification.  The sulfate and minerals of an Epsom salt bath help eliminate toxins through your skin, while at the same time increasing your levels of magnesium and sulfate as the skin absorbs them.  Many studies have shown that simply lying in an Epsom salt bath increases magnesium levels, without any side effects at all!

Himalayan salt

This salt is believed to be one of the world’s oldest and purest salts. It is uncontaminated and provides the body with numerous essential minerals.  Adding it to your bathwater, you will feel energized and your skin will absorb all those beneficial minerals.

The health benefits of this salts bath

These kinds of salts contain different minerals, and a salts bath with both offers the following benefits:

  • Eliminates toxins
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Supports respiratory health
  • Accelerates the healing of small cuts and bruises, strained or torn ligaments and muscles, and swelling
  • Relieves joint pain and muscle cramps
  • Helps to balance pH levels and decreases acidity
  • Relieves the symptoms of PMS like cramps, bloating, migraines, etc.
  • Provides relief from insect bites and sunburn
  • Treats dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, acne, rashes and other skin conditions due to its potent antiseptic properties
  • Cleanses and purifies your body and provides essential mineral nourishment

Instructions for using this great detox salt bath

According to Dr. David Jockers, the amount of salt is determined by the person’s weight.  We suggest the following measures for an average size bathtub (about 25-30 gallons water):

  • Children weighing less than 60 lbs. – ½ cup
  • Persons weighing 60-100 lbs. – 1 cup
  • Persons weighing 100-150 lbs. – 1 ½ cups
  • Persons weighing 150-200 lbs. – 2 cups
  • For every 50 lbs. more – add ½ cup of salts

If this is your first salt bath, it’s better to start only with Epsom salt and to add some Himalayan salt later on.

A note of caution: Do not use this salt if you are pregnant, have open wounds, burns, or cardiovascular problems.  Those who are on long term medication should talk to their doctors before starting this type of detox bath.

The first thing to do is clean your bathtub so there are no remains of dirt.  Then fill it with warm water (around 37°C or 97°F), to dissolve the salts.  You should take care not to have the water too hot, especially for those with high blood pressure.

Do not add any soap, oils, or shampoos and do not rinse after taking your salt bath.  You only need to dry off with a towel.

Before getting into the tub, you should only have a light and healthy meal to prevent dizziness that can be caused by an empty stomach or low sugar levels.

Another thing is that you should be hydrated, that is drinking plenty of water before and after the bath and also drinking a bottle of water while taking the bath, if you like.   To help you relax even more, you can listen to your favorite, relaxing music.

You should stay in the bath for 40 minutes at least so that your body has enough time to absorb all those healthy minerals from the salts.

If you start to feel a little bit dizzy, drain the water and slowly get out of the bathtub.

Sometimes the water becomes milky, which depends on your health and is a result of the toxins being eliminated.  People who are smokers or work in industrial areas may even see the water turn a brownish color.

It’s best to have this kind of salts bath 2-3 times weekly, but if you feel it’s too much for you, try to do it once a week at least.

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