Scarlet Fever is Back, and Every Parent Needs to Watch Out for These Warning Signs

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The Scarlet Fever is one of the common illness that affects primarily children between the age of 5 and 15. The symptoms of this illness are an itch, rash, and sore throat. This is a kind of infection that was more common in the past, but when people started more frequently use modern antibiotics, it has become less threatening.

However, the medical statistics says that the cases of Scarlet Fever have increased again since 2015, due to a new aggressive strain.

How It Develops

It is caused by the bacteria Streptococcus, which secretes a toxin in children, and this is why it affects those who are prone to this bacteria.

The people who get it are feeling a sunburn-like rash on their neck, back, chest, and face. Six days later, the affected skin begins to peel off.

Here are some other symptoms Signs of Scarlet Fever:

–           High fever (101°F)

–           Sore throat

–           Red rash

–           Itchy skin

–           Flushed face

–           Swollen neck glands

–           Abdominal pain

What are the measures that should be done?

1)         Keep your child at home and avoid the contacts with the friends and relatives since this infection is contagious.

2)         Separate their toothbrush and the cutlery they use from the rest of the family members.

3)         It usually requires ten-day treatment with antibiotics

4)         In case your child could improve sooner than that, don’t stop giving them the medication

5)         You can send them back to school after 24 hours since their symptoms have passed.

It is very important to address the bacteria, and stop its affection of the kidneys, heart, and other organs, if left untreated.

How to Treat Scarlet Fever Symptoms

If you want to avoid dangerous medical painkillers, you can try some natural remedies that will help relieve the children’s unpleasant Scarlet Fever symptoms.

  • Warm some apple cider vinegar and add a bit of cayenne pepper

This remedy helps to heal the sore throat of your child. The healing effects of this remedy are linked to the acetic acid in vinegar, which treats infections related to burns as well.

The Scarlet Fever rash is reducing by applying some vinegar with a cotton cloth.

  • Add raspberry leaves, raw honey, and mint to hot water

Drink this remedy twice a day to treat a sore throat.

  • Use water vapor and humidifiers to avoid dry air

As dry air can drastically irritate your child’s sore throat, use water and you can add lavender or other essential oil. That procedure will reduce their throat inflammation

  • Linalool in lavender oil helps moisturize the dry and itchy Scarlet Fever Rash

Use this mixture with almond, olive or another carrier oil to reduce the rash.

  • Clip your child’s fingernails

That prevents damaging children’s skin even more when itching it

  • Give the children fluids like soups, honey-lemon tea, and soft foods

It boosts their immunity and speeds up the recovery process.

  • Give your child to drink plenty of fluids

The hydration is very important part of the recovery process and successfully helps to treat scratchy or hoarse throat.

  • Don’t smoke or use cleaning products full of chemicals around your child

Note: you should follow the advice of the doctor, but also pay attention to your child’s condition at every moment, and apply the above-listed advice.



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