Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely Has Been Suppressed Since 1974

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Watch this amazing footage of how cannabis oil eliminates cancer cells

Rick Simpson went through a lot in Canadian Nova Scotia when he tried to bring forward the cures from cannabis oil that he and many others used to treat different kinds of cancers. Rick thought that the world was ready to hear the good news that he and his townspeople had experienced first hand. After a lot of attempts to get cannabis oil approved by the court system with many testimonials from those who had been helped by it, Rick discovered the harsh thruth that the cancer industry does not really want to discover a cure for cancer. He was growing hemp on his own private land, making cannabis oil, and giving it out without any cost to those people who needed it. He cured himself from skin cancer and a very intense neurological disorder that came as a result from a head injury that pharmaceuticals only exacerbated. The townspeople were helped and cured of various disorders, including lung cancer. All of them had  been disappointed by the mainstream medicine.  Rick  Canada to eventually left Canada and moved to Amsterdam and now he travels the world spreading the results of cannabis healing to anyone that is willing to listen.

The 1974 Research that is constantly disappearing

In 1974, the Medical College of Virginia was funded by the NIH (National Institute of Health) to confirm that cannabis has an effect on the immune system and destroys brain cells. This research was initiated by the DEA under the Nixon administration done in order to justify putting pot smokers behind bars. Unfortunately for the DEA, the researchers found some interesting results through tests done on lab rats. They concluded that cancer cells were getting destroyed, not healthy cells and that immunity was enhanced, not impeded. Well, that certainly ended their research, their funding was canceled and the research documents destroyed. President Gerald Ford in 1976 suspended all research done on cannabis except the one done by Big Pharma’s in attempt to create a synthetic THC. In 1983, some college research centers who were privy to some the copies of the Virginia research documents were directed by the Regan administration to destroy them. The mission for cannabis curing cancer was almost complete. The medical college in Virginia applied for research grants for further inspection into the potentials of cannabis curing cancer in 1996 and 2006, but both of them were denied. Their 1974 research was ignored by the mainstream media; they were just once shortly mentioned in the Local Section of the Washington post. The documents were so far gone that researchers in Madrid that studied the effects of cannabis TCH cannabinoid on cancer couldn’t get them for their paper. Dr. Manual Guzman, Madrid’s lead researcher, was very aware of the existence of that research and he attempted to find the journal article, but it was impossible. Dr. Guzman maid this statement when an independent investigative journalist somehow got copies from a California university and faxed them over. By that time, the Madrid study was done. The Madrid research on rats was once again ignored by all of the mainstream media. This study not only did it prove efficiency in reducing brain cancer tumors in rats; they also did test on healthy rats with THC so they can see if there were any harmful effect. They concluded that there were no harmful effects on normal brain tissues. Funded by the Israeli government, there are currently two large hospitals located in Israel, Sheba and Abarbanel that are doing clinical studies and treatments on patients with cannabis for different health issues.

Independent studies and anecdotal testimonies confirm the ability of cannabis to cure cancer safely.

Anyone who discovers alternative health information on the internet is not blocked by the lack of exposure done by mainstream media. There have been many patients who recovered from terminal cancer. Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN did a 180 reversal on his previous anti-cannabis statement while covering cannabis treatment for extremely epileptic children.

Obviously, cannabis is safe and effective and it induces apoptosis on tumor cancer cells. Apoptosis is a cellular PCD (programmed cell death) that is a part of the dying-off of normal cells and their replacement by new cells. But cancer cells do not do apoptosis, they keep on expanding. Cannabis induces apoptosis and kills cancer cells and causes angiogenis to cut off their food supplies. And as the Madrid study discovered and anyone that used cannabis can tell you, the healthy cells are left unharmed. That is what standard oncology’s treatments practice.

Caveats of cannabis

Smoking cannabis is the least effective way, using a vaporizer is much more effective. Taking cannabis oils or pastes is the best alternative. Keep in mind that ignoring diet and lifestyle changes can reverse what has been accomplished by any alternative cancer treatments.

Here is an example of a baby who was treated and cured of brain cancer without have surgery and radiation. He was given cannabis oil via his pacifier and was completely cured for eight months. After two months of progress, the pediatric oncologist who diagnosed the patient canceled all future treatments that could cause more damage.

This is the short video of the baby with complete scans that show recovery and progress, which was only reported by the Huffington post.

And for those people who require scientific studies, there are many others:



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