Reduce Sugar, Diabetes and Take Care Of Your Kidneys With This Vegetable ..

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People use Chayote in various types of food and is quite popular as it serves to make salads and can be a good accompaniment when dieting. It is a good combination with eating meat or chicken, and it is sometimes added to certain shakes to improve the general health.

Actually many people do not like to eat it since the appearance, taste, and texture are not of their total enjoyment.

However, those people probably don’t know what the benefits that they are losing are, and its preventive abilities for many severe health problems.


1)         Helps you fight the retention of fluids,

2)         As it is low in calories, it is great if you want to lose those extra kilos.

3)         95% of its content is water

4)         Contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C that can help you regulate the levels of sugar in your blood

5)         Fights anemia thanks to its large amounts of iron.

Because of above-mentioned healing benefits, it is used as a remedy for several health issues, such as:


This remedy will help you with the production of collagen in your skin.

  1. a) Take a Chayote and cut it in half leaving it to stay for a while,
  2. b) Tub the 2 halves until a paste is formed,
  3. c) Mix the paste with a little olive oil and apply it on your skin, allowing it to act all night
  4. d) Wash in the morning. This will help with the production of collagen in your skin.
  5. Chayote AND PINEAPPLE:
  6. a) Boil a Chayote until it is completely soft,
  7. b) After cooling lick it with slices of pineapple
  8. c) Drink this beverage in the morning to reduce blood sugar levels.
  9. To combat diabetes
  10. a) Chop a raw Chayote and lick it with half a cup of coffee,
  11. b) Strain it and drink a cup for two days in a row.
  12. Chayote, LEMON, AND TUNA:

It takes care of the kidneys and combat diabetes.

  1. a) Place in an extractor 3 Chayote in the shell, a lemon and two tunas
  2. b) Strain the juice and
  3. c) Take each morning for 30 days

We believe that you will surely like to use it and consume it more often.



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