Photographer Finds Abandoned House in The Woods – Opens The Door And Gets The Shock of Her Life

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Leslie David is a photographer from Ontario, Canada and a passionate woman who loves chasing adventures.

One of the things she just adores is taking photos of old abandoned houses and she has even made a career of it.

And it was on one of these adventures that she recently got the surprise of her life.  Leslie found an abandoned house and went in.  Once she got in the house, however, she found something she would never have expected.

The house was in ruins but inside there was an old man named Lawrence who was settled in and living there.

She shared the senior’s story on Instagram, writing that Lawrence has difficulty getting around and spends most of the time inside.  He is alone.  His right eye is missing and his left is infected by cataracts.  Even though a stranger barged in and essentially helped themselves to his life story, he was always kind and sweet, even letting me take his picture, which I will treasure.  I think he has a beautiful soul and plan to visit him often.

Leslie complimented Lawrence on his hospitality and made a promise to visit him again.

Not long after, Leslie returned to the house, bringing food and drinks for the elderly man.  The two had some interesting conversations.

Leslie says that he is the kindest man she has met and that Lawrence has melted her heart.  She brought him food and snacks and writes on her website that she hopes to clear out the trash and get a few repairs done on the house.  To kind of give him his home back.

She keeps on visiting him and bringing food for him.

Leslie found it quite mind boggling to understand how someone could live in such conditions, especially someone as nice as he was.  Through their unusual friendship, she found out that Lawrence had once suffered a stroke and hadn’t gotten medical attention.

Now he had found someone who cared for him and took care of his needs.  Lawrence soon started getting back his lost will to live.

A short while later, Leslie asked her friends and family to help her in rebuilding the ruined house, a project dear to her heart.

Leslie says that Lawrence has informed her of his funeral arrangements and has asked that she be there and that she told him that she wouldn’t want it to be any other way.  She says that he has shared something that will stay with her forever.

Lawrence has said that the day she showed up was the best day of his whole life, Leslie writes.  And she says that she can understand how he feels because the best day of her life was when she met him.

She says that Lawrence gave her the chance to really do something for another person without expecting any reward and that this is a rare opportunity that she’s glad she was able to have.

The house was renovated and the two have been getting together again since then.  Lawrence liked to talk about his family and his long lost brother.

After several months, Lawrence got ill and Leslie was the one to take him to a retirement home.  They still meet and Lawrence also got the chance to meet Leslie’s dog.

Now Lawrence is the proud owner of a new home, but he is still humble because he knows others are not as fortunate as him.

Leslie says that Lawrence’s story is a huge life inspiration that keeps her going when life seems tough.

She says that she’s posting the pictures in the hope of inspiring at least one other person to reach out to someone that they have lost contact with or simply forgotten. She states that such old souls are full of life and that she feels blessed to have met Lawrence.

We could all learn something from Leslie’s story and try to do what we can to do well for our world, even if it is something seemingly small.


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