“Organic” Food From China Found To Be Highly Contaminated

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Since the people have learned about the importance of eating healthy and safe produce, they demand all things “organic” that have increased rapidly. For instance, in the US alone, annual organic food sales have grown by 20%, which showed that the domestic suppliers are not able to cover. For that reason, markets are forced to look internationally in order to keep their businesses stocked.

The majority of suppliers of the organic foods are from the European Union and China, where organic standards are weaker than those of the US. However, many of these “organic” products that are from China are even with notoriously low standards for safety and quality. Much of this “organic” produce is classified unsafe and even the farmers who grow it won’t eat it themselves.

So, the questions that everyone should raise is about choosing organic food in the first place, without checking is that real.


It means that much of the food labeled “organic” was never grown with the intention of being organic. For that reason, China’s reputation for standards produce decreased rapidly and the US Customs personnel often reject entire shipments of food from China. Many times in those foods are added dangerous and unsavory additives, found drug residues, or they were in the poor hygienic state.

Intending to solve the problems with the rejections of food, some Chinese food exporters have taken to labeling their products “organic.” Additionally, the “organic” label in China has no meaning as agreement between the government and manufacturers, because China’s government has no established system for determining what is or is not organic.

Even those who are trying to grow organic food, because of the quality of the water used in the production of food is so contaminated that a person could fall ill just by handling it.

Much of China’s agriculture is found along the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, both of which are extremely polluted. It happens because thousands of Chinese factories that are located near the same rivers and they release their chemical waste to the same water.

Once, a chemical fertilizer plant dumped excessive amounts of ammonia into the Fu river (a tributary of the Yangtze River), which causes 110 tons of dead fish. This ammonia-laden river continued to be used for industrial and agricultural use.

Many analyzes found very high and unsafe amounts of other chemicals and heavy metals in these rivers, as well as the food produced with that water. For example, perchlorate, a precursor to rocket fuel, has been found in China’s sewage, bottled drinking water, rice, and milk. It is due to the entire water supply that is contaminated. Perchlorate is so toxic and can cause thyroid problems, improper regulation of the metabolism, as well as developmental problems in children and infants.

People should be aware that some of China’s “organic” products are more likely to be contaminated than others. For example, fish, chicken, rice, apples, green peas, mushrooms, garlic and black pepper were found to be the most contaminated foods from China, why the experts recommend to be avoided.

In order to be completely sure that your food is free of chemicals and additives, you should find the proven supplier (organic farms) or grow it yourself. You can have your own vegetable garden, in even the small spaces, which is really attractive and can provide you and your family with delicious food that is completely safe.


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