Oil of Oregano: A Powerhouse for the Alternative Medicine Cabinet

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Oregano oil is a proven natural antibiotic, due to the unique powerful healing properties of this herb. This herb has three times more antioxidants than blueberries and eight times as much as apples. In order to protect against free radical damage, your body needs antioxidants that boost the immune system. Oregano is the most potent plant oil in the world that possesses those properties!


Its production started in Ancient Greece who has used oregano for centuries. The word oregano comes from the joy of the mountains. The Greeks first used oregano oil for medicinal purposes, such as a powerful antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal agent. Additionally, they used it as a remedy for pain, and inflammation. Also is known that oregano leaves were traditionally used to treat illnesses related to the digestive and respiratory systems. Hippocrates used it as a main antibacterial tool.

Oregano Oil Benefits

Main Ingredients Oregano Essential Oil as a mineral density powerhouse are:

–           Calcium,

–           Magnesium,

–           Zinc

–           Iron

–           Potassium

–           Copper

–           Boron

–           Manganese

–           Vitamins C, A (beta-carotene),

–           Niacin

For this essential oil are known four groups of active healing agents, such as:

1)         Phenols including carvacrol and thymol, which act as antiseptics and antioxidants.

2)         Terpenes including pinene and terpinene, which possess antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anesthetic properties.

3)         Linalool and borneol that are two long-chain alcohols found in oregano oil. Those compounds have antiviral and antiseptic properties.

4)         Esters (linalyl acetate and geranyl acetate) exhibit antifungal properties.

For all of these compounds is specific possession of healing properties, but the most significant primary compound found in oregano oil is carvacrol. According to the scientific research, carvacrol is one of the most effective antibiotics known to science.

Not All Oregano Oil are Equal

Real wild Mediterranean Oregano can be either of Thymus capitatus or Origanum vulgare, which mostly grows in Spain. So, every time when you want to purchase the Oil make sure it is derived from these two kinds.

It is also very important that oregano essential oil does not have side effects the pharmaceutical antibiotics do and does not create harmful strains in the body.

Furthermore, this essential oil, without producing biological changes in the body, is effective against a dangerous and even deadly bacteria.  It also nourishes the body and doesn’t deplete it of nutrients, something that is specific for the conventional antibiotics.

Looking at the statistics you should find out that people in the Mediterranean live longer, which for sure can be linked to using oregano in the most of Mediterranean dishes.


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