Never Lie To A Smart Woman

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For the most of the men is difficult to understand and be cool with the fact that the women are highly sharp-minded and have a strong intuition. Having that in mind, we advise all the men on Earth to lie to a woman, ever, because the women always find a way to discover out the truth.

Here is a story that shows how a man learned this, but this time on a very hard way:

Calling his wife, one day, the husband asked his wife that he was asked by his boss to go fishing in China for a week. He explained that, for him it was as important as it can be good opportunity to be promoted. He also asked her to pack enough clothes for a week, to set out his rod & fishing box. He intended to pass on the way from the office and get the packed things. One specific thing that he asked to be packed were the new blue silk pajamas.

This last thing was something that was suspicious for his wife and she noticed that something was not right with the lousy excuse of her husband. Even she realized his intention for the next week, she decided to be a good wife and do everything what she was asked to.

When her husband returned home after a week, and looked tired, explaining his happy time attending the fishing party and that he has done a good job.

The woman continued to ask about the details asking about the boss, the weekend, the other colleagues, did they had caught fish, and so on. The husband answered that they caught lots of Salmon, Swordfish and Blue gill, and asked the wife why didn’t she pack his blue silk pajamas?

Then the woman told him that the pajamas are packed in his fishing box.


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