If You See a Child With a Tiny Heart Drawn on Their Wrist, This is What It Means

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This is a story about the mother’s post how she managed to overcome separation from her son when he went to school. Her post about this idea, actually, went viral.

Liz Petrone explained on Facebooking about the problem that he had faced with the anxiety of her son occurring for no apparent reason.

She was so stunned, when one day, her son cried while his school bus was pulling away from the bus stop, even though she attempted to comfort him from outside of the bus, by reaching her hands out to him as the bus drove farther away.


Her first thoughts were about his behavior in the last days, when he asked many times about the coming Christmas and his anticipation about the holidays.

The next morning while they were at the bus stop together, she pulled a pen from her coat pocket and after kissing his wrist she drew a heart on it. Then she explained to him that she fully understand how hard time is when he is out there. She told him to look at this heart every time it feels like too much alone and to remember that no matter what happens out there. He should always know that someone is at home waiting for him to come and loves him.

After he crossed the road, climbed the bus steps, and his face didn’t appear in the window. Liz waited for him to see her, but he never even looked at her. Instead, he was looking at his wrist.

According to Liz, what the people need to remember is just that simple, they can be comforting and go a long way when they know that someone loves them and waiting for them to come home.

The Liz’s post quickly went viral, and many people applauded the mother’s beautiful way of comforting her son.

The comments were like:

–           “This is amazing….share it as far as it will go,”

–           “Nice story, Good mom!”

–           “Beautiful! Great idea,”

Sources: Liz Petrone/Facebook | Mad World News/Facebook |  Image: Pixabay


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