How to Use Lemon to Remove the Spots from Your Face and Have a Glowing Skin

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Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic medicine, which among the other benefits has the ability to treat skin problems. It is usually used to reduce the pain of sunburns and it helps to ease the pain from bee stings as well. Many people use it for acne and eczema.

Lemon is also used as an anti-aging remedy and can remove blackheads and wrinkles. Consumption of the juice mixed with water and honey proves you with a healthy glow skin, but also in the cosmetic market can be found some soaps containing this juice.

Here, we’re going to present you 3 ways of using a lemon to help your skin and improve its appearance, make it soft and glowing.

  1. Pure Lemon Juice

–           Take a small bowl and squeeze a lemon inside

–           Dip a cotton ball in the juice

–           Apply the ball on the affected area

–           Leave the cotton ball there for 2-3 minutes, while the lemon juice starts to dry

–           Then, rinse it away with water and pat your face dry with towel

–           This treatment can be repeated 2 times every day.

  1. Slice of a Lemon Juice

–           Chop pieces of lemon

–           Use the pieces to spread your face over with them

–           Do it 2 or 3 minutes and then rinse it away with some warm water.

–           Next, prepare a face mask with some lemon juice, rice flour and honey

–           Apply this pack on your face and leave it to stay on for 15 minutes.

–           Rinse it away with plenty of water.

  1. Lemon and egg white mask

–           Take one egg

–           Separate the yolk from the white

–           Combine the white with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice

–           Whisk them well

–           Divide this mixture into 3 parts

–           First, part is applied to your skin and should stay for a while

–           Then is applied second part

–           After some time, you should apply the third part

–           After it has dried out, clean the area with plenty of warm water

–           Then, pat your skin dry with a cotton towel.

Other benefits of lemon:

–           Treats Indigestion

–           Treats Fever

–           Dental Care

–           Hair Care

–           Cures Burns

–           Internal Bleeding

–           Promotes Weight Loss

–           Soothens Respiratory Disorders

–           Relaxes Foot

–           Treats Rheumatism

–           Reduces Corns

–           Throat Infections

–           Controls Blood Pressure


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