How To Use Castor Oil To Speed Up Healing and Improve Your Immunity

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The folk healers have used castor oil as a remedy for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used it for treating skin and eye irritations. In the Ayurvedic medicine, it has been used for treating different health issues, due to its healing, antibacterial, and digestive-soothing properties.

Castor oil is derived from its seeds and parents often gave it to their children to boost their immunity.

Additionally, it has been commonly used to fight constipation, to treat skin infections, and improve nail health.

As it elevates white blood cells, according to many studies, it effectively supports the immune system and fights bacteria, fungi, viruses, and cancer cells.

Castor oil is chemically classified as a type of triglyceride fatty acid, which is about 90 percent ricinoleic acid. Thanks to ricinoleic acid, castor oil has numerous healing qualities, as follows:

–           Heals acne

–           Fights skin conditions and infections

–           Treats constipation

–           Boosts hair growth

–           Boosts circulation

–           Supports the lymphatic system

–           Treats toenail fungus

–           Prevents the growth of viruses, yeasts, bacteria, and molds

–           Treats skin inflammation, fungal infections, abrasions, ringworm, keratoses

–           Soothes sunburns

–           Helps in pregnancy and inducing labor

–           Soothes itching and swelling

–           Hydrates chapped lips

By supporting the lymphatic system, it effectively strengthens immunity. Lymph nodes serve as natural filters for toxins, and they pump out antibodies in the case of health issues in order to protect from foreign proteins or bacteria.

These are 10 important uses of castor oil:

  1. Here is how to use it to improve skin health:

–           Dab some castor oil on the area using a cotton swab to treat acne.

–           To prevent acne – wash the face with warm water and massage castor oil into it. Leave it to act overnight.

–           To hydrate skin – Mix 1/4 cup of castor oil and 3/4 cup virgin coconut oil, and apply the mixture to the skin.

–           Prepare your own fast-acting facial mask – Mix a teaspoon with one egg yolk, apply it, leave it to act for 15 minutes, and wash it off.

–           To moisturize skin – mix a quarter cup of castor oil with jojoba oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil, and gently massage the skin.

–           To soothe sunburns, and to hydrate chapped lips – mix castor oil with coconut oil in equal amounts and apply the mixture to the affected areas.

  1. Improves Immune Function

It is a powerful immune booster as it boosts the blood flow, supports the function of the lymphatic system, and improves thymus gland health. Castor oil is, also a natural treatment in the case of digestion issues, improves heart health, and helps in body detoxification.

  1. Relieves Constipation

It belongs to the mild laxatives, which helps with straining during defecation and feeling of complete evacuation after a bowel movement. It also relieves constipation and regulates the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in the gut.

  1. Boosts Circulation

By improving the lymphatic system it is improved the proper flow of blood, too. The proper function of the circulatory system allows pumping blood to and from the heart, exchanging nutrients and transporting oxygen throughout the body, and thus detoxifying the body.

  1. Lowers Symptoms of Arthritis

Castor oil has the ability to sooth joint swelling, pain and inflammation, due to the potent anti-inflammatory properties. The only what you need is to massage the painful areas with it and apply a pack of hot water over the area.

  1. Fights Skin Infections and Wounds

The condition of the immune system, hormonal balance and gut can be easily shown on the skin.

Since the castor oil improves circulation, it has the ability to treat infections and heals wounds. In addition, it can fight various skin disorders as it has strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties.

  1. Treats Toenail or Fingernail Fungus, Moles and Cysts

Castor oil effectively treats moles, cysts, and fungal infections. Just apply a bit of castor oil with a small amount of baking soda to the affected areas. Since it balances gut bacteria and eliminates lingering toxins, it also prevents the development of fungus.

  1. Induces Labor

This oil is used to be given to pregnant women at full term orally in order to accelerate the uterus contractions because the ricinoleic acid actually activates EP3 prostanoid receptors in the uterus.

  1. Improves hair health

It is able to boost the circulation on the scalp to the follicles, and thus stimulates the growth of the hair, making it shinier, thicker, stronger, and dandruff-free.

  1. Helps Balance Hormones and Improve Libido

Castor oil naturally balances the proper absorption of fat molecules within the digestive tract, which healthy hormones require. Additionally, it relieves PMS symptoms, like depression, mood swings, and fatigue, and improves libido.





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