How to Stop Absorbing Other’s People Negative Energy

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Nothing can make you feel worse than being around negative people. So how can you prevent other people’s negative energy from affecting you?

As sympathetic people feel compassion towards other people, empaths take on the burden from others as if they were their won. In certain cases, this can cause you to absorb the energy of the people around you, which can affect you physically, mentally and spiritually. It is very important to offer emotional support to people you love, you also have to protect your heart from people that may take advantage of your kindness.

Here are 5 simple tips to stop absorbing the negative energy from other people.

  1. Stop pleasing people
  • When people try to bring you down or complain about you do not take it so personally. This behaviour is more a response of who they are than of what your worth. The more you are influenced by gossip, the more you start to depend on the approval of others.
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It is very important to realize that your worth does not come from the opinions others have and that you can’t make everyone like you. First, love yourself and then let go of people that bring you down.

  1. Keep vampires at bay
  • Have you ever been friends with someone that just sucks the life out of you? The type of friend that you have to gather up your strengths to hang out with and leaves you feeling physically and emotionally drained? These kinds of people are known as emotional vampires. These types of people are never there when you need help but always have time when they need support. And they always seem to find some new thing to complain about. You have to remind yourself that it is not your job to resolve another person’s problems, not even a family member. If they can’t help themselves, don’t carry their burden. Going in to someone’s drama will never help them, and it most certainly will not help you.
  1. Say no
  • It is very important to know your own boundaries and speak up when someone crosses them. You would never let someone into your home and tear it apart, so why would you let him take advantage of you and damage your self-esteem? Opposite to popular belief, it is not rude if you say no to someone, and do not have the need to justify the use of the word. If you ever feel like you are not being respected, stand up for yourself and make it very clear. Your heart and time are precious, so block out all the bad and keep good people around you. If you notice saying no more than yes to a certain person, just consider if they are helping you grow or just keep you down.
  1. Enjoy “Me” time
  • It is crucial to give yourself some time away from others so that you can tune into your own desires and thoughts. Take some time off to find your inner voice, whether it is having a lazy morning in bed or taking bath. If you feel like you are in a rough spot, spend some time outside. The fresh air and innocence of the world will help you realize that every problem you have is so small in the scale of the universe and that no matter what life always goes on. Reconnect with your true self and soak up all the pure energy of the world around you.
  1. Take responsibility
  • In the end, you are the one and only person that decides how you feel. No matter in what environment, you have the choice to stay strong or let other have influence on you. When you start taking responsibility for your emotions, you free yourself from the influence of other. When you are confident and love yourself, you gain emotional endurance and strength. Remember to always stay positive in your daily life. It is very normal to let yourself have some negative thoughts every once in a while, and when you do, stay strong trough them and just let them go. Sometimes the best medicine is a good cry.


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