How to Eat Ampalaya to Aid Digestion, Lower Blood Sugar and Break Down Kidney Stones

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Consuming processed and fatty foods makes your body gets exhausted and to be prone to the accumulation of toxins in both kidneys and liver.

The liver is a major organ in the body responsible for filtering the toxins, and it also metabolizes the fats. In the case when the liver doesn’t function properly, it causes suffering of the kidney from the toxicity in the blood, too.

In order to support the functions of the liver and kidney, it is necessary to detoxify it by consuming bitter herbs and vegetables. A lot of people don’t like the bitter taste specific to many vegetables, as they prefer to eat sweets. However, they actually miss the amazing benefits of these foods.

The bitter taste is linked to poisonous chemical components (e.g. alkaloids) that can be found in plants. However, if you consume small amounts of these bitter foods you can improve your health in many aspects.


Even though the bitter plant foods contain a lot of medicinal and nutritional ingredients, a variety of essential physiological responses are activated when eating bitters.

Here are the benefits of bitters:

–           Have the ability to stimulate the secretion of digestive acids, which is crucial in improving the digestion of foods

–           Releasing the acid reflux

–           Reduces food sensitivity reactions and treating leaky guts

–           Improves the health of gut flora

–           Have the ability to enhance appetite as well as to make the normal digestive signals stronger

–           Prevent overeating that may lead to weight gain

–           Manipulate the secretion of mucus in the stomach that defends ulcers

–           As they have been known as an alkaline, they are really beneficial for the reduction of the acids in the body

–           They support the functions of the endocrine glands, helping in balancing the levels of the hormones and lowering the blood sugar levels. This ability of the bitter foods is of great importance for diabetics

–           Enhance the function of liver and gallbladder by the means of detoxifying toxins

–           Can be really beneficial in getting rid of the kidney stones in the body in a natural way, as for instance Bitter melon, breaks them down by releasing high acid.


As the bitter plant foods contain a lot of medicinal and nutritional properties, it is important to taste its bitterness and activate the neural reflexes and hormones

It is not recommended to cover the bitter taste with honey or another sweetener because this process defeats the purpose of bitters.

For maximizing the benefits that it provides, you have to tolerate its bitterness. You can help yourself if you think about the health benefits that it contains and what it can do to you in the moment when you are eating them.


The kidney stones can be broken down by consuming the bitter gourd juice and consuming around 6 ounces of it every day. This treatment should last one month. Kidney stones by consuming this juice will break down and remove stones from urination.


–           6 pieces of small bitter gourd (or 3 pieces of huge bitter gourd)

–           1 tablespoon of olive oil (coconut oil can be used instead)

–           ¼ organic lemon with peel


1)         Extract both bitter gourd and lemon

2)         Add a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil

3)         Blend the olive oil into the juice before you consume it in a mini immersion blender

Additional tips:

–           In order to Repeat this method on a daily basis, drink a lot of water

–           After the third day, the stones are being eliminated in your urination.


–           Bitter gourd juice is extremely powerful and bitter

–           For those who have never tried it, the suggestion is to try it first in small amounts and to look is there any reaction to it

–           If you are pregnant, undergoing any therapy, nursing or on a prescription of medications, it is advised not to consume excessive bitters because your body may react differently.



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