Homemade Citrus Body Butter That Soothes and Softens Dry, Scaly Skin Overnight (Recipe)

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The people are facing with a dry skin very often in their lives and in order to get rid of it, they use different types of body lotions and even prescribed creams and ointments. However, they never seemed to be very satisfied with them, and they are even very expensive.

Sometimes you shouldn’t be exposed to the cold and the wind, or inside on the hot air blowing and drying but you still can face with many skin problems. In such a case you’ll need something that wouldn’t be toxic to your skin but still powerful enough to help heal that problem.

Of course, the essential oils and coconut oil are known for their wonderful benefits to the skin, so that could be a good solution. The idea of putting coconut oil on your skin may be the right thing for you to solve the problem.

When it comes to the essential oils, they are well-known for their ability to calm, heal, and improve your health in general.

In the recipe below are used 2 essential oils that are photosensitive, so they react in the sun. For this reason, this body butter is used as a creamy, moisturizing night-time routine, and to rinse off in the morning.

Citrus Nighttime Body Butter Recipe


–           1 cup of organic coconut oil

–           4-5 drops of lemon essential oil

–           4-5 drops of orange essential oil

–           Zest of half an organic lemon

–           Zest of half an organic lime

–           Zest of half an organic orange


1)         Warm the coconut oil in a small pan for 15-20 seconds so that it softens.

2)         Transfer it when is warm to a mixing bowl and stir it until the lumps are dissolved.

3)         Adding the zest from the three fruits stir it again.

4)         Then, add the essential oils and stir to ensure that everything is fully combined.

5)         Place it in the refrigerator in order to harden a bit.

6)         Blend the oil in a blender or mixer and whip it until it is fluffy, so when it reaches the desired consistency, this body butter recipe is ready.

7)         Store it in a jar and keep in a cold location to prevent melting.

That cream will keep your skin smooth, moisturized, and fresh.


DIY Zesty Body Butter Made with Citrus Essential Oils

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