Here’s What Happens When You Massage Upward This Point On Your Forehead…

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According to the certified acupuncturists, there are very important meridians and points on the human body called “The Acupuncture’s Atlas.” There are people who are able to merge the old ways of healing with the new. They are always describing the human body as something wondrous and know the secrets of healing it.


They highlight the importance of the Yin and Yang energy that flows through the people. This flow of the energy is necessary for good circulation and health. However, if the emotional and physical trauma is suppressed by the flow of energy, we need to return harmony by manipulating the flow of these energies.

The acupuncturists offer a particularly interesting way to benefit your body that doesn’t take too much time or effort. Some of these massages and movements subconsciously improve your energy flow.

Here is highlighted the Third Eye Point, which is in Traditional Chinese Medicine this called GV 24 (GV stands for Governor Vessel). It is located between the eyebrows, slightly above the upper bridge of the nose.

How to massage this point?

By applying upward pressure to this point on the forehead you’ll be able to improve concentration, relieve headaches, release tension and this method especially helps if you are plenty of time of the day in front of a PC.

According to the acupressure doctors and Traditional Chinese Medicine, massaging this point strengthens the intuition of an individual.

How to do:

1)         With a gentle pressure starting from The Third Eye (GV 24) point, massage this place upward to 3 inches above in a vertical line.

2)         Apply upward pressure to this point for 45 seconds

3)         After 1 minute you will notice the benefits.

According to the researchers, this procedure activates one of the brain centers, amygdala nucleus. By activating these brain centers affects the human lymphatic system helping removal of the negative metabolism products and causing the elimination of nervous tension.

In addition, this procedure efficiently stops the creation of new wrinkles, facilitating the blood and lymph flow and making the skin excellently firm. It also corrects the eye and mouth corners and activates regeneration processes, especially after a surgery.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Yang and Yin energy, begin in the head and flows downward to the rest of the body.

Those are the benefits gained by massaging this point on your head, called The Third Eye (GV 24) point.



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