He Puts 3 Sponges In The Refrigerator – When You See Why You Will Do The Same

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We tend to overly complicate our lives and are sometimes surprised what we can achieve with simplicity.

We have tried one very simple trick and we were so surprised by the positive results we got so today we are going to share it with the world. When opening our fridge, and we have no doubt that ours is the only one, we are regularly hit with some funky smells and odors produced by foods that are starting to go bad.

In order to eliminate or significantly reduce the odors, we simply need to put three new and unused sponges in the door drawer where we usually keep fruits and vegetables. These sponges will extend the shelf life of your products by successfully absorbing all the extra humidity. Once you notice the sponges getting wet, it is a sign that they have done their intended job and it’s time to replace them with new ones.

If you are battling with onion or garlic smell, a simple toothpaste trick might do the job for you. All you need to learn to combat those mysterious smells that come out of your fridge is included in the video below.

Do yourself a favor, spare 3 minutes to watch it and get rid of all those pesky odors for a lifetime.




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