Genius 1 Ingredient Solution To Make Your Sink Look like New

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If you are regularly using your kitchen sink to clean your dishes and glasses, it most likely has hard water stains that are a little hard to remove so they probably still sit there.

The sink and faucet are prone to limescale build up which takes too much time and energy to remove. And the most annoying thing is, it will build up again the next day.

People turn to different chemical products to deal with this issue. Different products yield different results but most just fail the test and you don’t get the results you long for.

Yet, the most effective remedy, in this case, is a very simple 1-ingredient solution that will help you get rid of the white hard water stains around your sink and faucet. And what is the name of that one ingredient? White distilled vinegar. Yes, that inexpensive 5% white vinegar makes one of the most powerful homemade cleaners that you will ever try. It might sound too good to be true but believe me, once you try this you will forever be fascinated by the cleaning properties of this solution and you will wish for more challenging limescale stains to try it out.

The recipe is quite simple: Pour the vinegar into a bowl and dip some cotton rag in it. If you don’t have any cleaning rags around, you can cut off a piece of old t-shirt and use it as a rag. Submerge the rag completely and once it’s soaked in vinegar, remove it and wrap it around your stained faucet. To ensure that the water won’t dilute the vinegar, dry out your sink completely. If you have more areas to cover, you can reuse the same rug or make some rags and cover more stained areas at the same time. You can remove the rags after an hour and use an old sponge to scrub off any buildup. If some more stubborn stains refuse to go away, you can repeat the process. After you are all done, leave the sink to dry and once it’s dry, you can fully admire its shine.

If you need some video help with the process, you can watch the video below and get some scientific facts how this method works and why it is the most effective way to attack those stubborn hard water stains:




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