Experts Warn: Watch Out For These Dangerous Ladybug Lookalikes!

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Ladybugs are very attractive and lovely insects among the people, especially among the children. However, playing with the ladybug can be dangerous if you don’t know that it is an Asian lady beetle.

These insects are similar to ladybugs but they are dangerous. They can bite and feed on humans, and have a habit of tasting things they land on.

They originate from Asia, and in the 1960s, they were brought to the US. The terrifying thing nowadays is that they have gotten out of control, and enter the homes of people in Texas, damaging their property.


These bugs can be from orange to red color, with black spots on their wing covers. In addition, in the area of the neck, one can spot a dark M.

The lady beetles usually live in green areas and yards during the summer, and during the colder months, they migrate to homes and buildings. Illuminates and bright surfaces, those near the woods, as well as contrasting colors like light windows can attract the lady beetles.

The owners of dogs should be cautious because they attack them. An owner found 30-40 ladybugs on the roof of the mouth of his dog. After that happens his pet started skipping meals, sleeping more and eventually started foaming at the mouth.

When the lady beetles feel disturbed they start emitting an acidic yellow odor, which is almost impossible to eliminate from surface and clothes. If it comes in contact with the eyes it might cause an allergic reaction.

How you can get rid of bugs.


You can collect the Asian lady beetles before they cause harm to your property by using your vacuum cleaner. If you decide to release them, it is recommended to put a handkerchief between the vacuum hose and the dust collection bag.

By using a broom, you can distribute their yellow secretion around the house.

Seal Entry Points

The best way how to get rid of them is to prevent their appearance, if possible. For that reason, you can seal all openings and cracks in the late spring, checking all doors, pipes, wires, windows, and fascia boards.

When you cannot control them, you should ask help from the local pest control company and they will spray insecticides to buildings. The best time to make spying is in the fall, as the Asian beetles start to infest properties in winter.



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