Don’t Throw Away Your Tea Bags – Here are 17 Things You Can Do Instead!

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There’s nothing quite like a cup of hot tea to warm you up, reduce stress and keep you healthy!

But even passionate tea lovers can make the same mistake that I used to and throw away the tea bags after steeping.  That was until I found out all the numerous ways to make use of them.

17 Great ways to use tea bags:

  1. Keep Hands Smelling Fresh

After eating foods that leave your hands with a lasting smell, like fish, crabs, garlic or certain spices, you can rub a damp tea bag on them to absorb the smell and leave them smelling nice.

All tea bags are good, but those with a stronger scent, like peppermint, are the best choice.

  1. Compost Them

Remove the staples and throw them in the compost pile to nurture soil and keep pests away.  Or simply use the leftover tea brew to water plants.

Any used tea bags are good for this purpose

  1. Quick mouthwash

You can make a breath-freshening mouthwash by soaking a used tea bag in some warm water.

The best ones are from rosemary, sage, spearmint and peppermint.

  1. Treat Infections

Apply a still-warm used tea bag to canker sores, fever blisters or pink eye to treat topical infections effectively.

Any type of tea will do, but herbal teas provide stronger anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

  1. Eliminate bad odors

Tea leaves are a perfect way to absorb bad smells from the trash can, kitty litter, fridge or carpet and other places because they can absorb odors.

Trash can – simply put the used tea bags in the trash can.

Kitty litter – Mix the dried leaves in the cat litter directly.

Fridge – keep your used tea bags on the shelves to absorb odors.

Carpet-   Simply sprinkle the tea leaves from your dried tea bags over the carpet or rug, leave them for a while and then vacuum.

All kinds of tea will give good results.

  1. Relieve razor burn

Apply warm and moist tea bags on skin with razor burn as a compress to soothe it and reduce the rash.

Calming herbs like chamomile and lavender are great for this purpose.

  1. Hair rinse

Old tea bags can be used as a nutritious hair rinse which will soften the hair, condition it, and provide a lustrous shine.

Simply prepare a weak tea with any tea bag you have for amazing results.

  1. Automobile Air Freshener

For a pleasant scent in your car and a natural freshener, tie a tea bag.  You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

The best choices are jasmine, lavender or mint tea bags.

  1. Prevent grease sticking to dishes

Soak a few used tea bags in the greasy dish to break down the stubborn food remains and wash off in the morning.

All tea bags provide an excellent effect.

  1. Enrich your bathe.

You can leave the used tea bags in your bath or let the water run over the tea bag.

The best choices for an aromatic bath are jasmine, lavender, rosemary, green tea, white tea, chamomile, and peppermint.

  1. Keep mice away

Use an old mint tea bag to keep mice, spiders, and ants away since they can’t stand the smell.  Simply put the tea bag in corners, near the mouse hole, in cabinets or by the door.

Spearmint and peppermint tea bags are best for this purpose.

  1. Relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects

Tea bags actually provide potent anti-inflammatory properties, relaxing the body and treating tired eyes, toothaches, sunburn, insect bites, blisters, bruises, and more.

Tired and/or puffy eyes – moisten a pair of tea bags and put them on the eyes for a few minutes.

Toothaches – Put a still-warm teabag on the outside of the affected area.

Sunburn – Put a few moist tea bags on the affected area.

Insect bites – Put a moistened tea bag on the area to soothe the itching

Blisters – Apply a warm, moist teabag to treat blisters

Bruises – Put a warm, moistened tea bag on the area to speed up healing

The best choices are calendula, peppermint, chamomile, and lavender.

  1. Healthy plants

Putting several old tea bags at the bottom of flower pots, at the drainage site keeps the soil moist, supplies nutrients, and boosts growth of plants.

Use herbal teas for this purpose because plants hate caffeine.

  1. Treat warts

Warts can be annoying and unattractive, and plantar warts can be painful as well.  Put an old tea bag in warm water and leave it to act on warts at least once a day.

Green tea is the best choice for this purpose.

  1. Homemade dye

You can steep used tea bags to get orange, brown and green tones to highlight hair, or to dye cloth, gift paper, cards, homemade crafts, and more.

They make a great non-toxic dye for kids and can also be used to dye hair or even to stain wood.

Hibiscus gives you red or pink highlights, green tea gives a light green shade and black tea gives you a brown color.

  1. Gourmet dishes

You can use old teabags to add flavor to dishes like pasta, rice, and quinoa.  Leave the teabag in boiling water for a while and then remove it.

The best teas for flavor are jasmine, cinnamon, green tea and chai.

  1. Relieve poison ivy

If you have a rash or blisters from poison ivy, you can put a used tea bag on the area.  This will absorb the oil.  Or you can moisten it with warm water and apply it.

Peppermint is good because it soothes irritated skin and can help relieve itching.

How to store old tea bags:

You should store old tea bags properly to get the desired effects, which means they can be kept at room temperature for 24 hours or less and refrigerated after that.  You can tell by the smell if they should be thrown out.

We hope you have gained a new perspective on old tea bags and that you try some of the uses as soon as you have your cup of tea.


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