Do Not Ignore The Pain in These Parts of Your Body – It Can Cost You Life

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Any issues or difficulties that your body experiences are manifested through pain.

Most of us are used to dealing with this pain with painkillers but often that method yields no results.

Ignoring these screams for help that your body is sending you, can even prove to be worse. So it is important to note that dealing with the pain is a “must” and now with experts being able to address the problems you are dealing with by examining the distinctive parts of the body where the pain is most persistent, you have no excuse to ignore it anymore.


If you are feeling pain in the chest, your right arm or the upper back, it is probably an issue with the functioning of the heart. If the pain spreads to the whole left side of the body, it is a clear signal of heart problems and a doctor’s appointment is required urgently.

Lungs and diaphragm

A pain in the neck or your upper shoulders can be a signal to check your diaphragm and lungs. It is important to consult a doctor for further examinations and a therapy

Liver and gallbladder

If you are dealing with persistent pain in the liver and gallbladder area, you have liver and gallbladder issues. See a doctor immediately.

Stomach and pancreas

A sign that you might have issues with your stomach or pancreas is a pain in the abdominal back area. A severe back pain is a sign that 50% of the patients suffering from chronic pancreatitis are experiencing. Chronic pancreatitis is a very serious condition and must never be ignored!

Large intestine

The stabbing pain in your lower abdomen might be an indication for issues with the large intestine. Spiking pain in the right lower abdomen is a clear sign of colon and rectum malfunction and a consultation with your doctor is recommended.

Small intestine

Check the small intestine if you are experiencing pulsating pain around the navel. It is recommended that you share every painful detail with your doctor so he can easily identify the issues and recommend a treatment.


Diagnosing kidney issues are one of the toughest and time-consuming examinations. Usually, these issues can be diagnosed only after the pain spreads to a larger area including the abdomen, lower back, thighs, and pelvis.


A pain in the lower parts of the pelvis is almost always a sign of trouble with the bladder. ‘Listen’ to the front and rear sides of the lower part of the pelvis and if you are experiencing persistent pain, consult a doctor immediately.


Never ignore odd symptoms and stabbing pain in the area of the ovaries. In case of inflamed ovaries, the pain spreads to the front abdomen, involving both sites. Consult a doctor and do additional check-ups just to be safe.


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