Children Who Eat 12 or More Hot Dogs Per Month Have 9 Times the Normal Risk of Leukemia

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One of the main reason of childhood cancers are very often presence of processed meats in their diet. The statistics of the National Cancer Institute in the United States shows that there are over 1,500 children’s death each year from childhood cancer.

The cancer research journal L.A. Times wrote about the reasons why this happens. According to the USC epidemiologist, it is found that those children who eat more than 12 hot dogs monthly have nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia.

Two other reports of the Cancer Causes and Control suggest, also that the children born to mothers who eat at least one hot dog per week while they are pregnant have double the normal risk of developing brain tumors. Additionally, the children whose fathers ate hot dogs before conception have the same risk.

Hot Dog Cancer Risks. Why?

The risk comes from the chemical additive ingredients used for producing hot dogs, as they cause cancer and other diseases.

Here are the ingredients, for example for Oscar Meyer hot dogs:



–           PORK,

–           FLAVOR,

–           WATER,


–           CORN SYRUP,

–           SODIUM LACTATE,


–           DEXTROSE,

–           SODIUM NITRITE



Message from the Hearty Soul

Besides, the processed meats like hot dogs pose a health risk to children, they are dangerous for adults too! We’ve highlighted here the effects of hot dogs and other processed meats on the body over time.

According to Peter Clifton, professor of nutrition at the University of South Australia, all data says that choosing processed meat is a bad option because it can cause more cardiovascular disease, more diabetes, and higher mortality. His studies found a direct correlation between processed meat consumption and type 2 diabetes, comparing it to regular red meat consumption.

Additionally, Mariana Stern, a cancer epidemiologist at the University of California, was focused on a questionable chemical found in processed meats and found that the nitrates in the processed meat can be converted by oral bacteria intro nitrites, forming N-Nitroso compounds, which are cancer-causing agents.

Some data of the nutritionists in the United States says that the Americans eat roughly 20 billion hot dogs a year, accompanied by the large amounts of bacon, cold cuts, and other processed meats. Furthermore, every year, more than 140,000 Americans are diagnosed with colorectal cancer and more than 50,000 dies of it.

So, everyone should be aware that each daily serving of processed meats increases the risk of dying prematurely by 20 percent, including from cancer, which is confirmed by the study from the Harvard School of Public Health.

In the study conducted by the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) and in a large number of other studies, was found that eating processed meats increases the risk of colorectal cancer. The studies show a strong connection between other types of cancer and processed meats. One study, for example, found that with the increased intake of every 10 grams processed red meat it will increase 10 percent risk of prostate cancer. Another study in Taiwan showed that consumption of smoked and cured meat can increase children’s risk for leukemia, while a study in Australia found that women are at higher risk for ovarian cancer if they eat processed meats.

What to Eat Instead Processed Meat

Before you start to prepare the next grill for yourself and the kids or line everybody’s sandwiches with processed meat, think twice about above-mentioned facts.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get convenient lunches for good. You can try some of these recipe and meal prep ideas, which are full of nutritious, non-cancer-linked food:

  1. Make a batch of chia seed pudding the day before, topping it with whatever you like, such as pumpkin seeds, coconut chips, and berries.
  2. Focus your diet on plant-based protein sources– avoid totally processed meats here!
  3. Instead of bacon, try this famous seaweed that tastes uncannily like bacon, or you can choose kale
  4. You can also opt for a peanut butter sandwich, especially if it is raw, organic peanut butter or any of your favorite nut butter. Just to have an idea – take almond butter or cashew butter, topped with some slices of banana.
  5. Use your slow cooker and choose one of 50 slow cooker recipes here to inspire you: – HERE


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