Big-Headed Babies Are More Likely To Be Intelligent

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Usually, it is not a compliment when somebody says you that you’ve got a big head. However many people will reply back, that a big head can fit a bigger brain, which is true in most of the cases.


According to the 2007 research in a large, long-term biobank from the UK, the babies born with big heads are actually more likely to be smarter.

This study was conducted to look at the link between genes, IQ, and overall health. The results were published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.The study found that the people who were born with big heads were with more likely to show greater intelligence later in life. This conclusion was made based on the evidence of their achievements in the school (scoring higher on a verbal-numerical reasoning test or earning a college degree).

But what exactly establishes as a big head?

According to the results of the study, babies with a head circumference of 12.5 to 14 inches were found to be smarter.

However, the intelligence is not just linked to the big heads, because there are numerous factors that can be of great importance, including overall health.

Researcher Saskia Hagenaars stated at The Independent that results of the study exactly confirmed the strong link between the overall health and intelligence, so better health provides higher levels of intelligence.

Mom and Baby

So, it is a message for the moms, to not be worried if their baby’s head is a bigger size because it is a good thing.

Pet Exposure Linked To Healthier Babies

In another recent research about babies and pets in the families, the results are great news for pet lovers.

The recent study shows that having a pet at home may, in fact, lead to better health for your little one, even during the pregnancy.

It may sound strange that cat or dog, which are going to up the germ factor in your home can be actually positive for the health of your baby.

According to the research from the University of Alberta, which analyzed 746 households over the course of three years, the homes in which pregnant moms and little ones were exposed to dogs or cats, showed the higher levels of “good for you” gut bacteria in the babies. This is the kind of bacteria that help fight off health conditions like allergies and obesity.

These results are the real encouragement for families with furry friends, however, it is still better to keep your dog from directly licking your baby’s face.




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