Beware, China Is Making Rice From Plastic – Here’s How To Spot It

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The diet is the most important part of your life. The type of food we consume has a huge impact on our overall health, so we need to pay extra attention of what we eat.

Everyone, who takes care of his health, should make the real choices of food, avoiding those rich in chemicals, too much sugar, cholesterol, or fat.

Nowadays the new threat is coming, the Chinese have a trend of producing plastic rice, which production is growing more and more.

The main components used to make this fake are potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a synthetic resin, or plastic. This combination is used to form grains which are similar to rice.

The appearance of this type of rice is completely similar to the right one, so, it is of great importance to learn how to recognize it.

Here we offer you some already known tips that will help you when you purchase the rice:

  1. Check the sinking in the water.

Putting a tablespoon of rice in a glass of water will show you do you have a right rice, so if your rice is not sinking, you have got the fake stuff.

  1. When you notice a thick layer on the surface when you boil it, do not eat this rice, it is the same fake rice.
  2. You can make the fungus test

Cook a cup of rice, transfer it to a container, and leave it a few days on your counter. Check it after and if you see mold, the rice is all-natural, but if it still has no mold, then you have a plastic one.

In the following video you will see the results of these tests in action:


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