Avoid Eating Those 10 Foods Made in China Filled With Cancer Causing Chemicals

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China in nowadays has a leading place in the world, in its industry, technology but also its incredible tradition and specific, delicious cuisine and in manufacturing numerous products spread all around the world.

However, the China’s industry has been under the public eye recently, as in many cases it lacks standards. Because of that many people have started to avoid its imported products.

To be precise, in the markets are offered some shockingly cheap Chinese products, which are, unfortunately, full of toxic ingredients, and these have been sold in the United States and all over the world in numerous amounts.

In this article, we will make known 10 Chinese illegal foods that everyone should avoid, as they are rich in dangerous toxins.

  1. Fake Ginseng

Chinese have used the ginseng root, as a popular medicinal plant for centuries (for over three millennia). Because of its high price, the people have tried to find a way how to make a profit and started boiling it in sugar, which increases its weight.

The medical experts, like Wei Feng from the Chinese National Institute for Food and Drug Control (NIFDC), claim that this procedure actually removes the nutritional values of the ginseng.

According to Feng, the natural ginseng has 20% content of sugar, but the fake, up to 70% sugar, which can be highly harmful to health.

  1. Fake green peas

According to the story published in a local newspaper in 2005, these peas were hard even after boiling and changed the color of the water (it became green). These fake peas have been produced from the Hunan province in China.

Manufacturers did it in order to make a huge profit. The productions of that kind of peas lasted for 3 years and was then shut down.

The production of this fake peas was made on the base of snow peas and soybeans, with adding of green color and sodium metabisulfite. Because of its properties which cause cancer and inhibit the ability of the body to absorb calcium, this dye is banned.

According to Sang Liwei, a food safety expert, this product was used in Hunan and Guangdong before, and the Chinese officials only label a case a food safety incident when at least one person dies due to it. However, potential adverse effects of such products and the misuse of additives are not labeled, nor banned.

  1. Imitation Eggs

Some of the Chinese are producing and selling fake eggs, in order to make a profit for their families (making $70 a day). The danger of these fake eggs lays in their content of harmful ingredients, including Gelatin, Calcium Chloride, Alginic Acid, Potassium Alum, and artificial color.

The eggshells are made from Calcium Carbonate.

Note: the consumption of these eggs can lead to memory loss and dementia.

  1. Fake Sweet Potato Noodles

In the facility located in Zhongshan city, China, the Chinese food authorities found produced at least 5.5 tons of fake noodles, after the numerous people complained that they felt a strange taste of the sweet potato noodles.

The conducted investigation showed that these noodles consisted of corn with an industrial ink (for color) and paraffin wax.

  1. Plastic Rice

The people recognized this rice as a fake food because it stayed hard after boiling and caused the same adverse effects as fake peas. Its long-term use, according to the experts can lead to cancer. According to chemical analysis, this rice consists potatoes and a synthetic resin!

  1. Industrial salt sold as table salt

Investigations found that within the last 13 years, 788 tons of it salt was sold by at least 12 people, for the reason that it is much cheaper than regular salt. This industrial salt is labeled as “unfit for human consumption, as it has the adverse effects of its consumption.

The health problems that it causes are mental and physical issues, including reproductive system disorders and hypothyroid issues.

  1. Making beef out of pork

Instead of beef in many restaurants in China was served pork, which is much cheaper. The pork meat was chemically processed and added a beef extract and a glazing agent to “marinate” it. Experts recommend people to be cautious and find the way to recognize and stay away from the fake beef meat because its long-term of use leads to poisoning, deformity, and even cancer.

  1. Baby formula

After the numerous deaths in children in the Fuyang province, China in 2004, almost 50 people were accused of manufacturing fake instant baby formula, which was the main reason of that. It was made of only a few nutrients, and mostly of chalk. The children who consume it suffered from a “big head disease”, such as swelled heads, and slow weakening of the rest of the body.

  1. Mud sold as black pepper

It sounds almost incredible, however, it is true that in China’s Guangdong Province, in a market vendor was sold mud as black pepper. They even went further and were selling the white pepper, mainly made out of flour. The answer of the seller to the authorities was that this product would not kill people, which is unbelievable!

  1. Walnuts stuffed with cement

In order to make a bigger profit in Zhengzhou city, China, in 2012, were sold shelled walnuts, with broken concrete pieces inside. The sellers prevented the suspicious noise when the nut was shaken by wrapping pieces in the paper.

The idea was to make the walnuts much heavier than the real ones.


Source: www.healthylifetricks.com

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