7 Powerful Turmeric Recipes To Improve Your Health, Proven By 7,000 Studies

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Turmeric is an excellent spice, but apart from giving a special taste of food, turmeric has a lot of benefits and some of them we will present you in this article.

It was mentioned in the Bible because an Ayurvedic medicine used it for hundreds of years and even two thousand years ago, people in China used turmeric.

However, the Western Medicine needed a longer time to understand it and use it.

The Incredible Benefits of Turmeric

According to Dr. Mercola, turmeric is powerful, and it is used in Indian and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Thanks to its compound curcumin it has very effective ability in reducing inflammation.

Here are some other advantages of turmeric:

–           This agent does not produce toxin consequences like the synthetic drugs do (internal bleeding, ulcer formation or decreased white blood cell count).

–           It boosts your mental health if consumed on a daily basis

–           Has neuroprotective benefits that may treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, tardive dyskinesia, depression, epilepsy, etc.

–           People who are intolerant of dairy may consume turmeric and goat kefir together,

How to Use Turmeric on a Daily Basis

Here, we offer you ways how to use the incredible spice every day.

  1. Turmeric Juice Shot


–           Half an inch of turmeric root / one teaspoon of turmeric powder

–           Half a lemon

–           Sea salt


1)         Squeeze the lemon and mix it with turmeric,

2)         Add the sea salt, and your drink is ready.

Also, you can use a juicer instead squeezing the turmeric and the lemon.

  1. Turmeric Tea

This is a recipe of how to make yourself a turmeric tea.


–           Half of a teaspoon freshly shred turmeric

–           Little lime juice

–           Raw honey

–           A cup of hot water

–           Little salt


1)         In the boiled water put the turmeric and let it stay for five minutes

2)         Remove the tea away from the heat and filter it

3)         Then, put the rest of the ingredients and your tea is prepared.

You can also throw some turmeric in your regular tea

  1. Turmeric Soup


–           One knuckle of chopped or shredded turmeric

–           Four cups of veggie or organic bone broth


1)         Boil the broth and the turmeric for fifteen minutes,

2)         Take the chunks out and put a little bit of black pepper

Enjoy your soup.

  1. Turmeric Scramble

You just need to add some turmeric to your regular eggs in the morning.

  1. Golden Milk

If you are in a hurry, you can just make a mixture of warm coconut milk with one teaspoon of turmeric powder.

However, you can also try the following recipe:


–           A cup of almond or coconut milk

–           A teaspoon of turmeric powder / freshly shredded turmeric

–           A quarter cup of water

–           Vanilla, a quarter of a teaspoon

–           Ginger powder, a quarter of a teaspoon

–           Two teaspoons of honey

–           A little bit of cardamom, cinnamon, clove


–           You just need to boil all of the ingredients together

Enjoy your golden milk.

  1. Smoothie

All of you who love smoothies can enhance them with a little bit of turmeric

Also, you can prepare your own turmeric smoothie:


–           One and a half cups of frozen mango or pineapple

–           Half a cup of almond or coco milk

–           Two tablespoons of coconut flakes

–           A teaspoon of hemp seed hearts

–           A teaspoon of turmeric powder (or fresh)

–           A little bit of black pepper

–           A teaspoon of maca root


1)         Put all of the ingredients in a blender and make a mixture.

2)         Enjoy your healthy and tasty smoothie.

  1. Turmeric Kefir

This is an amazing way to use turmeric, by adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder to kefir and enjoy your tasty drink.

Note: You can use turmeric in capsule form as well.

Source: gottadotherightthing.com


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