7 AMAZING Health Benefits Of Betel Leaves

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Betel leaf has been used across India in Hindu religious ceremonies, for thousands of years.  In Ayurveda, it’s been used as so called paan (a psychoactive preparation of betel leaf combined with areca nut and/or cured tobacco, chewed recreationally in Asia) after a meal.

This is evident that many people consume it in one way or another, most of them know about the Leaf’s curative and medicinal properties.

It is rich in nutrients, such as Vitamin C, Thiamin, Calcium, Riboflavin, Niacin, and Carotene. Scientists found that the betel leaves have anti-cancer properties and prove numerous other health benefits.

Here are top benefits of the betel leaves:

  1. Painkiller

–           Relieves external body pain.

Apply crushed betel leaf on the affected area.

–           Relieves internal pain

Chewing the leaf and swallowing the juice.

–           Heals the wound faster

Place a betel leaf on a wound and wrap with a bandage.

–           Eases joint aches and muscle pains

Dilute betel leaf juice in coconut oil and gently massage affected area.

–           Cure headaches

Gently rub betel leaf juice on the forehead.

  1. Aids Digestion

–           Normalizes pH levels and cures stomach disorders

–           Thanks to the antioxidants destroy the free radicals in the body.

–           Prevents constipation – Drink the betel leaf juice daily on an empty stomach.

–           Cures indigestion among children – Boil it with 4-5 black pepper in water and drink 2 teaspoons of this filtered water twice a day.

–           Betel leaf eases the flow of proteins and nutrients and increases blood circulation.

–           Cures stomach ache and acidity – Chew it regularly.

  1. Keeps Breath Fresh

–           Cleanses the mouth, kills germs in the mouth,

–           Strengthens the gums

–           Prevents tooth decay.

–           Prevent oral infections – Mix a drop of betel leaf oil with warm water and rinse your mouth.

  1. Respiratory Disorders

–           Relieves asthma, cures a cough and cold.

–           Clears congestion – Applying mustard oil on a betel leaf, heat it and place on the chest.

–           Use it as a cough syrup – Boil betel leaf in water, adding cardamom and cinnamon.

–           Cures a cough and bronchitis – Drink this syrup thrice a day.

  1. Diuretic

–           Betel leaf juice reduces sugar levels in the blood.

–           Betel leaf treats diabetes.

–           Clear urinary blockages – Mix extracted juice with diluted milk.

  1. Treats Skin Conditions

–           Betel leaf provides relief from allergies, wounds, itches, and body odor.

–           Cure rashes, allergies, and skin ailments – make it a paste crushing a betel leaf and adding turmeric to it. It is applied to the affected area.

–           Glows skin and prevents skin infections – Boil betel leaves in water and when it cools down wash your face.

  1. Cures Erectile Dysfunction

–           Helps overcome erectile dysfunction – Chewing 1-2 betel leaves after meals.

–           Acts as an aphrodisiac – Wrap saffron, raisins, and cardamom in betel leaf and eat it

–           Cures erectile dysfunctions, without causing any side-effects

Precautions While Using Betel Leaves

1)         The people who suffer from acidity, migraines, stomach ulcers, tuberculosis, urticaria, epilepsy, and other psychological disorders should avoid using Betel Leaves.

2)         Combining it with tobacco leaves or tobacco powder can cause oral cancer.

3)         The best choice is semi-tender juicy leaves, as old leaves may have lost their medicinal properties.





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