5 Surprising Health Problems You Can Treat with Onions!

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Onions have been cultivated and consumed across the world for millennia. They originate from the western and eastern parts of Asia. As they’ve been cultivated across the world, there are numerous species of onions found. According to the records, the onions started to be used in China way back in 5000 BC.

They belong to the allium family of vegetables, which are rich in sulfur, the component that gives the onions antiseptic and antibiotic effects.

In the diet, they are usually served cooked, but can also be eaten raw (in pickles and chutneys). The onion has a sharp, pungent flavor and a strong taste.

Onions have been used as a natural remedy for centuries, for many different health issues. For instance, they have been used to treat vomiting, but also as a natural antibiotic that can strengthen the immune system.

Due to the containment of Quercetin (an antioxidant), it shows the ability to help the body combat free radicals. The onion juice is an excellent expectorant, which makes it effective in fighting respiratory problems too.

Additionally, onions are proven in healing disease linked to the heart, cholesterol levels, and arthritis, as well as diabetes, because of its sulfur and flavonoid content.

In the text below, you’ll find more about some other medical issues that can be treated with the help of onions.

  1. Clogged Ears

Place the soft core of the onion at the ear canal’s entrance with the help of a cloth, carefully, without pushing the onion deep. It should stay overnight and remove it in the morning. The onion acts on the wax making it softer and easier for removal.

  1. Relieve Burns

When you burn yourself, place the onion slice on the affected area. You’ll experience a quick relief.

  1. Insect Bites

Bites of the wasps or bees are not always serious problems, but sometimes can be fatal for the people who are allergic to these insects. When you experience bee stings, try to remove the stinger first, then take an onion, crush it and apply it on the problematic area. The pain and the swelling will be soothed instantaneously.

  1. High Body Temperature

The onions have been used for lowering the body temperature, so don’t be surprised that many grandmothers are still stocking socks with pieces of onions when their granddaughters and grandsons are suffering from it. This natural remedy is really working so you can freely try it.

  1. Detoxification

As an excellent detox component, onions can help the body’s effort to eliminate toxins. The best results are seen when this veggie is consumed in a raw form, which is one of the simplest ways to eliminate toxins.

All individuals who follow these tips will eliminate many health issues without worrying about side effects.

Source: Read & Digest

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