13 Things You Should Delete From Your Facebook Immediately

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Around 230 million users have been estimated to be on Facebook in January 2018, and because of that, it is the biggest social media network in the world.

This is a place where one can connect with his family members, friends, and loved ones no matter how far they are. On this platform, you can post pictures, share stories, and update your life info, as well as chat with the people that you are connected with.

However, due to the reason of this platform growing so high, there are many privacy risks that need to be looked at.

Because anyone can get onto this social media, there are risks of child predators, con artist, and identity thieves, or some people that might blackmail you for the things that you have posted online, which can smear your reputation for employment opportunities as well as threatening future relationships.

Even though there isn’t any social media outlet that is risk-free, if you understand some of the risks that can happen you can protect yourself from them.

These are just some of the things you will need to watch and delete from your Facebook account in order to protect yourself:
  • 1. Relationship Status

Even though this may not be a big risk for people that are already married, people who are into the dating game do not need to share every single person that they are out with and what happens with their dating life. Keep it to yourself and tell it only privately to the people that are close to your life.

  • 2. Photographs of Children

You should not post pictures of children online all the time even if they are your children or even children that are close to you, like a niece or nephew, or even a friends’ child, because children are too young to consent to have their pictures made public.

Also, these pictures can fall into the hands of pedophiles so make sure even if you post any pictures of children, they cannot be accessed publicly.  

  • 3. School your child attends

Be cautious with sharing information about the school that your child attends because child molesters can access this information and find your child easily. Also, be careful of sharing photos of the school and the recreational groups that your child is part of.

  • 4. Questionable photographs (Drunk Photos)

Employers will usually look through your Facebook profile to ensure what kind of a person you are. So if you have posted some photographs of you doing random stuff like parties you’ve attended, stupid stunts, drunk photographs, or other irresponsible photos, make sure you remove them because they can influence the employer whether he will employ you or not (if you do have these pictures public, it will be the latter). 

  • 5. People you do not know

Even though you might use Facebook just to connect with peers and family, for some it may be a popularity contest. They usually add people they do not know.

If you do not know the person you’re adding, they can become a risk to your profile, because this same person might be a hacker, a creep, or even someone that might try to steal your identity. So be careful of who you are adding on social media.

  • 6. Credit or Debit information

Even though this is obvious, make sure you are careful with it. Facebook has in-app purchases, such as Facebook Ad spaces, or even game purchases that will require your credit card information.

Make sure you remove that information after you make your purchase. If this information is stored online, any hacker can get access to it and compromise your credit or debit cards.

  • 7. Phone Number

Even though you might think that your phone number might not be a piece of essential information to be careful with, but with this high technology driven world this information can be used greatly against you.

This may make it easier for a con artist to steal information from you. Usually, you don’t go out and hand out your phone number to any random person you meet so why would you post it publicly for people to see?

  • 8. Tagged Posts

If you get a notification of a post that someone has tagged you in, make sure to check what you are tagged in. You and your friends are not the only ones that can see these photos, anyone can see them if they are looking you up on social media, so make sure to untag yourself from anything that might be painting you in a negative way.

  • 9. Your Birthday

Making your birthday public will make it easier for people to steal your information by providing them with one of the key information about yourself, so even if it’s exciting for everyone to wish you a happy birthday, make sure you take it off of Facebook profile.

  • 10. Manager or Supervisor

Why risk having your boss on your Facebook. Even if you are being careful of what you post online, having them as a friend might get you fired.

One picture of your night out or a post that is mentioning your troubles at the place you work might be the reason for you to be jobless. Make sure you don’t have your bosses as friends, plain and simple.

  • 11. Location Services

This service is one of the worst things that you can post online. While you’re outside having fun far away from home with friends and post a picture of the place, Facebook Location Services will reveal exactly where you are located.

This will tell everyone you are friends with, as well as people who can access this information that your house is empty. This will provide them with an opportunity for them to come to your house and break in.

Additionally, telling everyone where you are located at the exact moment can lead to risk for people that might want to harm you since they know exactly where you are located at this time.

  • 12. Where you go on vacation

This is almost the same reason as the one before, it will lead people to know that you are on vacation and might want to rob your house.

This means that you shouldn’t post pictures of where you are on vacation while you are there. You might as well just call in robbers to your house and tell them “Hey, no one is home, come in!”

  • 13. Travel plans or tickets

Sharing information about your flight an also be irresponsible since robbers can come and steal from your home if they know when and where you are at a certain time.

Source: https://awarenessact.com

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