10 Secret Kitchen Hacks, Which Only Chefs Know

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Knowing numerous tricks in the kitchen can make your cooking enjoyable, as it can become boring or difficult during a long time.

Here you can find 10 incredibly useful kitchen hacks, which are helpful while cooking or baking, and they will surely make your life much easier:

  1. In order to get crystal clear ice cubes boil the water before you freeze them.

  2. Here you can see how to check the age of the eggs and see whether they are still good for consumption:



  1. You can cook a lot of eggs in the oven on160 degrees for up to 15 minutes.

  1. If you want to easily juice lemon then you should roll it before, with some pressure on your countertop.

  1. Keep the wine undiluted and cold with some frozen grapes.


  1. This easy and simple trick with the teaspoon will help you peel the ginger in a second!

  1. You can peel the garlic by placing it in a bowl, shake it well, and you are done!

  2. By putting the ice- cream in a bag, it will be easier to eat it with a spoon, as it won’t be hard and frozen.

  1. If you put a wooden spoon on the top of cooking pot you can prevent the water from boiling over.

  1. When you grill fish place few lemon slices under the fish to enrich its taste!

Enjoy your cooking time!

Source: biglike.com

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